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Endocells is a young French biotechnology company based in Paris whose current activity is the development of a technology platform (cellular system) which allows the generation and development of human endocrine cell lines. These cell lines have multiple industrial applications.

Univercell-Biosolutions and Endocells have merged since December 2015

please do not hesitate to contact us now at: services@univercell-biosolutions.com

Our products

Our mission is to generate and develop human endocrine cell lines for research, drug discovery, development and cell therapy. We are the first company worldwide to generate immortalized and non-immortalized  human beta cell lines which closely mimic human primary pancreatic beta cells.

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Science pool

Endocells has developed a robust and innovative strategy for generating a stable and functional human pancreatic β cell line with glucose-inducible insulin secretion. Such a strategy could be exploited to produce other human cell lines.

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Our team

Members of our team have been recruited from both commercial science and academic research backgrounds to create a well-balanced team equally familiar with research and technological innovation as with project milestones and customer support

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